Google Wave Sums Up 2009

Although Google Wave can be useful for office collaboration, it’s far more entertaining as a tool to make funny videos. Here’s a short clip that sums up 2009’s major events using Wave. It includes Barack Obama becoming president, the swine flu causing a global panic, the Susan Boyle phenomenon, Kanye West being a dick to Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson’s death, the NY Yankees winning the world series, Manny Pacquiao’s brilliant boxing, and much more.

Radio Shack Hooks Up with Biz Markie for a Cute Commercial

Although Radio Shack’s effort to change its image by renaming some of its stores to The Shack is completely lame, its commercial featuring Biz Markie is pretty cool. Using a riff from his song “Just a Friend” and playing up the “Oh Snap!” lyric makes for a catchy and nostalgic spot.

Let me know what you think of the commercial when you get a chance. “Oh baby youuuuuuuuuu got what I need!”

Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XIII Sweepstakes

FFXIII_Key Ring_Lightning

To prepare for the March 2010 arrival of Final Fantasy XIII in America, Square Enix has announced a contest that will award FFXIII accessories to 13 lucky winners. While they’re not as cool as an refrigerator magnet, they’re definitely more expensive. Here’s a list of the prizes:

  • Lightning pendant
  • L’Cie pendant
  • Snow pendant
  • Serah pendant
  • Lightning keychain
  • L’Cie business card holder

Head on over to the Square Enix members site on December 23 to enter.

Hit the break for six more pictures of these accessories. The business card holder is totally cool.

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North Face Serves Up Jacket with iPod Controls

North Face Hustle Audio 2

The North Face’s Hustle Audio jacket solves the problem of controlling your iPod or iPhone while bundled up for the winter. Here’s the skinny on this iPod-controller enhanced parka:

Fashion meets function in this waterproof, breathable, fully seam sealed jacket. Outfitted with innovative audio capability, this new jacket is wired for iPod use with an external joystick control pad on forearm. Designed for athletes who must stay wired, no matter the conditions, riders can easily shuffle through tunes while cruising the park. Technical, rider-specific features designed into jacket including adjustable, removable hood, Recco avalanche rescue reflector, pit-zips, bicep pocket with goggle cloth, and powder-related features to keep riders dry on days when it doesn’t stop dumping the white stuff.

Although I’m a big fan of The North Face, this $600 (MSRP) jacket seems a little ridiculous to me. Then again, nine years in California have made me forget about harsh winters so the Hustle Audio might be necessary for some people.


Facebook and Google Launch URL Shorteners

Google slider

Services like and Tinyurl are extremely popular for shortening long links — so popular that Facebook and Google have launched their own versions. Facebook’s and Google URL Shortener are vying to become the king of the…uh…shorties.

With millions of links served up by Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and plain old email, this should be one extremely competitive race. Even though these two new services are starting (relatively) small, the incumbents should be afraid…very afraid.

Get Your Avatar Books, Action Figures, and T-Shirts!

James Cameron’s Avatar is going to conquer the universe this week. While I’m still not sold on the movie, there’s no denying that this thing is going to be huge. You’re all aware of the movie and the videogames by Ubi Soft, but here are some other Avatar products you might not be aware of.

Avatar…the Books!

If you want to prep for the movie then you ought to consider curling up with Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide and The Art of Avatar: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure. The former offers more information on the unique world of Pandora. The latter features all sorts of images from the flick. Again, Cameron totally lost me during his three-hour soliloquy at E3 2009, but the visuals in this movie are amazing, so I’m actually kind of interested in the art book.

Avatar book

Avatar…the Action Figures!

Any sci-fi movie worth a damn has action figures, but Avatar takes it a step further by implementing some interesting web-cam connectivity. Here’s the official word and a photo:

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