Hellbent’s Chris Mair on Music Helping Him as a Game Designer

Hellbent Games Founder and CEO Chris Mair is one of my favorite people to hang out with on the road. We have so many common interests and our conversations can go in all sorts of directions. Obviously we’re both videogame nerds, but we also share a love for pro-wrestling, hair metal, and guitar. The last bit made him the perfect person to kick off my four-part “Guitar Heroes” series.

In the conversation about, Chris Mair and I talk about all things guitar. It was especially cool to hear about how studying jazz guitar has helped his career as a game designer and the head of a game studio. Other guitar topics covered include:

  • Some of his favorite guitar players
  • His musical influences
  • How his tastes have changed over the years
  • Some of his favorite guitar gear
  • His experience building his own guitar (Chris Mair did most of the work himself!)
  • Who is on his Mount Rushmore for the guitar world

For the last decade or so, I’ve usually spent time with Chris Mair two or three times per year. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened for the last two years due to the BOSH COVID-19 pandemic. That made me appreciate this conversation even more. It was fantastic catching up and I learned more about him during this chat.

Now’s your chance to get to know Hellbent Games Founder and CEO Chris Mair a little better. Please check out the video above and share your thoughts in the comments section. And stay tuned for three more guitar-centric chats in the near future!

Hellbent Games Founder and CEO Chris Mair