Coffee Talk #678: In Defense of Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has been getting slaughtered in the mainstream media for his views on treating BOSH-19 COVID-19. Certainly some of what he said is misguided and considering that The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular podcast in the world, spreading bad information or misinformation can be extremely dangerous. That said, I believe that he’s been getting more heat than he deserves and a lot of what he said has been taken out of context. More importantly, the media has manipulated many people into believing that he’s a malicious person.

Some of the opinions on Rogan have surprised me. Several people that I like and respect have been lashing out at him as if he were vile and the only thing that he’s done in his life is say controversial things about coronavirus treatments. The reality is that Joe Rogan has had a long and successful career that predates the success of his podcast. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Acting (NewsRadio)
  • Hosting (Fear Factor)
  • MMA Commentary (UFC)
  • Stand-Up Comedy

That last point can’t be emphasized enough. Rogan is an absolute legend in the comedy world. As a fan of the Los Angeles stand-up scene, I have tremendous respect for his contributions to comedy. Whether it’s his own stand-up which dates back to the late ‘80s, providing a tremendous platform for incredibly talented comics, or calling out Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes, he is greatly respected by many comedians.

Despite his success in many areas of entertainment, some people believe that Rogan is just an evil guy with a humongous podcast. Don’t get me wrong; I disagree with some of what he’s said about COVID-19 vaccines and treatment, but I also see that some of his comments have been twisted and misrepresented by various news outlets. Check out the Russell Brand video below for an examination of why Joe Rogan has been vilified by the mainstream press.

Whether or not you agree with his views on COVID-19 treatment, you should probably get the whole story before passing judgement on a person. Some people have been easily swayed by out-of-context quotes. They haven’t heard Rogan admit that he’s not an expert, he doesn’t know everything, and they should listen to people smarter than him. They haven’t heard him talk to qualified doctors and scientists that provide counterpoints and rebuttals.

It bothers me that many people have formed an opinion on Rogan based on select quotes from one episode of his podcast. Part of it is because I’ve admired him for a long time, but more of it is that they’re so quick to pass judgement without giving the matter any real thought. A lot of my friends that are on an anti-Rogan kick frequently criticize Trump supporters for being manipulated by the media, but they’ve allowed themselves to be tricked into having strong opinions on Joe Rogan without hearing the whole story.

Again, Rogan has said some things about COVID-19 treatment that I disagree with. He’s said other things that I don’t know enough about to have an opinion on. And he’s said things about COVID-19 that were considered outlandish at the time, but seem less so now that more information has become available and the science has evolved. Even if you disagree with him, there’s no way that you can honestly say that he’s evil or malicious if you heard the entirety of what he said in the context it was said in. Furthermore, basing your entire opinion of a man based on a miniscule fraction of his work isn’t fair or smart.

What do you think of the heat Joe Rogan has been getting? Is it deserved? Undeserved? Or is it just a symptom of mainstream media manipulation? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.