Marcus Beer is on Twitch and You Should Watch Him

Marcus Beer Twitch

Millions of GameTrailers fans know Marcus Beer as the Annoyed Gamer. Thousands of people in the videogame business know Marcus Beer as “that angry yet dashing PR fellow.” I know him as my excellent friend Marcus, an intelligent and charming rogue that’s outstanding to have drinks with and even better for intensely nerdy conversation. You can be part of his nerdy conversations in his all-new, all-different Twitch stream, I Am Beer.

There are many reasons why you should tune in and watch Marcus Beer stream on Twitch, but if you need more convincing then keep on reading.

Four Reasons Why You Should Watch Marcus Beer on Twitch

1) Marcus Knows a Lot About Videogames and Has a Unique Perspective

Marcus has decades of experience as a PR professional and video journalist. He has connections with some of the top minds in game development, game publishing, and content creation. He has a unique perspective that has been informed by longstanding relationships and his own varied experiences. His knowledge of the videogame world makes his Twitch stream smarter and more interesting than most.

2) Marcus is Fiercely Opinionated, But Respects Other Opinions

Twitch is full of bloviators that believe their opinion is the only one that matters. What’s cool about Marcus is that he’s strongly opinionated and will defend his stances with the utmost ferocity while also being mindful and respectful of different opinions. The world — especially America — needs more people like that. His Twitch show has strong opinions, but he also makes it clear that he’s open to other ways of thinking and is interested in learning about them.

3) It’s Not Just About Videogames

Of course videogames are a large part of Marcus Beer’s Twitch stream. The dude loves games and has worked in videogames for a long time, and people want to hear his thoughts on games. However, men and women cannot live on gaming alone. His Twitch stream covers all sorts of nerd interests, including nerd TV, nerd movies, and nerd books. As a huge supporter of Liverpool and Swansea, football is usually a part of each stream as well. I love the variety of his Twitch stream and as a Manchester City fan, I may or may not enjoy watching Liverpool fans suffer on streaming video.

4) You Can Shape the Show

Although Marcus Beer isn’t new to video content, he’s new to Twitch. Hosting a produced show can be drastically different from livestreaming yourself. Part of the fun of I Am Beer is watching Marcus figure out what he wants his Twitch channel to be. He’s very open to input and welcomes suggestions on where to take I Am Beer. The interactive aspect of Twitch is great fun, but Q&A in a single stream is evanescent. Helping him shape the show into the best that it can be is awesome and hopefully something that has an effect for years to come.

So there you have it. Marcus Beer is on Twitch. I Am Beer is very good now and on its way to becoming great. Now go watch, subscribe, and all that good stuff.