Coffee Talk #676: Your Black Friday 2020 Wishlist

Black Friday 2020

It’s that time of the year again, RPadholics — Black Friday! This year’s shopping extravaganza will be quite different from years past, since the BOSH COVID-19 pandemic will limit most brick-and-mortar retail activity. Still, online retailers have already flooded Black Friday 2020 with fantastic deals, with more to come. The question for you is this: What’s on your Black Friday 20202 wishlist?

As for me, there are a number of things I’m interested in, but nothing I’m super-determined to buy.

Raymond’s Black Friday Wishes

Apple Stuff: I really need a new Mac and am very tempted by the Mac Mini M1. It’s almost everything I want and need in a computer, but I’ll probably wait for the M1 iMac so I can have more RAM and discrete graphics. My first-gen iPad Pro works well enough, but I should wait until iPads move to microLED before replacing it. The iPhone 12 Pro Max looks awesome…except for the lack of a 120Hz screen and Qualcomm x60 chip. An irresistible deal could sway me, but it’s probably better to wait for next year’s models.

Microphone: As some of you know, I’ve recently started playing guitar again. I’d like to record some (really bad) covers on my PC. In addition to recording vocals, I’d like to use a mic for video conferencing as well. I’ve had a Blue Yeti for years, but USB mics are crap compared to XLR. Unfortunately, the XLR mics I have for live performances don’t work well for video chat and my interview mics aren’t good for vocal recording.

I’m keeping my eye out for a Black Friday 2020 deal on something like the Rode NT1 or Audio Technica AT2035. Both would work well for voice recording and Zoom calls, so I wouldn’t have to keep switching. Plus, both of those are condenser mics, as opposed to the dynamic mics I have. It’s good to have different kinds of tools for the job.

Games: I will buy several JRPGs that are on sale. That’s just a given every year.

Your Black Friday 2020 Wish List

Now it’s your turn! What kinds of products are you looking for? Anything specific on your wish list? Share your Black Friday dreams in the comments section and after Cyber Monday is done, post your loot list too (please!).