Coffee Talk #675: How Much Time Should Elapse Before it’s Okay to Reveal Spoilers?


Last week I caught a bunch of heat on N4G. This article on Final Fantasy VII Remake discussed a major event from the original FFVII. The kids accused me of being the “spoilers!” guy. Initially, I dismissed it as Internet people being Internet people. Then RPadholic G-Iceman asked an interesting question in the RPadTV Slack:

“What is the appropriate amount of time that should pass before you can blurt out spoilers?”

The expiration date of spoilers is, of course, subjective, but there are probably guidelines that most people follow. Without giving it too much thought, I’d say one week for a television episode or comic book and two weeks for a movie or videogame. Adding a few days or weeks is completely reasonable.

As for the spoilers I allegedly revealed about the original Final Fantasy VII, I completely dismiss the kids’ complaints. That game was released in 1997. 23 years is more than enough time to get a clue.

Some of the kids complained that they hadn’t played the original and I ruined things for them with my spoilers. That stance is moronic to me. I’ve never seen The Village (2004), but I know the movie’s major twist because, I don’t know, I talk to people and read things.

If you’re interested in Final Fantasy VII Remake then you surely have some knowledge of the original. Saying that I ruined things for you is flat-out dumb, especially since the remake is more of a reboot; it’s clear that it won’t follow the original beat-for-beat and it’s possible that some of the major moments in the game will be extensively rewritten.

What exactly did I spoil? An event that may or may not happen in a game that won’t be out for at least three years? Or an event that happened in a 23-year-old game that you will probably never play? I don’t get it.

To me, a month is too long to scream, “Spoilers!!!” One year is ridiculous. 23 years?!? Come on now.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think about the issue. How much time should elapse before it’s okay to reveal spoilers? Share your thoughts in the comments section (please!).