How Do You Feel About WWE During COVID-19?

WWE During COVID-19

As much as I enjoy WWE programming, I feel guilty about watching new shows while the coronavirus is running wilder than Hulk Hogan ever did. All major sports leagues in the world have temporarily ceased operations, but the first name in sports entertainment soldiers on. More than ever, watching WWE has become a guilty pleasure.

It’s a good time to be introspective and ask myself — and you — the following question: How do you feel about WWE during COVID-19?

The Case For More WWE During COVID-19

For the last few weeks, the world has been crazier than normal. This is especially true in the entertainment world. As mentioned above, there are no new sports games happening (I miss you, Man City!). New movie releases have been delayed and films currently in production have come to a halt. Most television production has stopped as well. If you’re looking for new entertainment, it’s slim pickings.

With a lack of new movies, TV shows, and sports events, it’s brilliant to have fresh WWE programming several times a week. A new episode of NXT or Raw is enjoyable under normal circumstances. In the new (COVID-19) world order, it’s frickin’ delicious.

It’s completely selfish, but I really appreciate WWE talent, producers, and crew putting on new shows. Besides talk shows using video chat, it’s one of the few episodic series that’s pumping out original programming during the coronavirus quarantine. I love it for all the reasons that I loved it before, but love it even more now because new programming is so scarce.

The Case Against WWE During COVID-19

While I fully admit to enjoying new WWE programing during COVID-19, there’s a certain amount of guilt that comes with the pleasure. While the company is taking great measures to ensure a safe environment, the talent, producers, and crew would be much safer staying at home. While most of these people live to entertain, is it worth possibly dying for? Or getting someone else sick?

Comparing sports entertainment to sports for a second, it’s completely logical for the NBA, MLB, Premier League, etc. to delay their respective seasons. Even if they played their games without fans similar to how WWE is filming shows without an audience, it would present an unnecessary risk for the players, referees, commentators, and production crews. Postponing or canceling seasons is the responsible thing to do.

For a “sports entertainment” company, WWE is overestimating its importance. Never mind that it has ridiculously been declared an essential service by the state of Florida. Nobody needs entertainment in order to live. Labeling it as essential is an insult to anyone that works in a field that’s truly essential.

The bottom line is that while WWE continues to entertain, it puts the health of its employees and independent contractors at risk, as well as anyone that comes into contact with them.

It Does Matter What You Think

The Rock was wrong. It does matter what you think. So kindly share your thoughts on WWE programming during COVID-19. Is the company providing much-needed entertainment to a crazy world? Or is it acting like a selfish publicly traded company? Lay the smack down in the comments section (please!).