Your Avengers Endgame Theories

Avengers Endgame Trailer

The latest trailer for Avengers Endgame (embedded below) has dropped and it looks amazing. The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film will probably be the nerd movie of the year and, more than likely, the highest-earning film of all time. Forget about all the for a moment. Today I’d love to hear your theories on how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will get out of the dire predicament Avengers: Infinity War left them in.

Before we delve into Avengers Endgame theories, let’s take a look at the trailer. Be sure to turn your spoiler shields on (please)!

There are so many ways Avengers Endgame could play out. I’m sure you guys and gals have some great ideas on what the heroes will do. Here are three Avengers Endgame theories (more like concepts, really) that have be bouncing around my head.

The Ant-Man Gambit

This Ant-Man plan is far too logical and would never work in a movie. A two-hour epic would be reduced to five minutes.

The Other Ant-Man Gambit

The Ant-Man franchise makes a big deal about the “Quantum Realm” and abuses the word “quantum” as an explain-it-all device. Many people expect that quantum shenanigans will play a big part in thwarting Thanos.

Captain Marvel powered up
Captain Marvel and Space

Unlike the comics, MCU Captain Marvel’s powers come from one of the Infinity Stones — the Space Stone. In addition to making her the most powerful hero in the MCU, Captain Marvel’s powers could play a vital role in reversing the damage Thanos unleashed with the Infinity Gauntlet. Could Carol’s powers give the Avengers a connection to the Infinity Gauntlet? Perhaps her powers will combine with a quantum plot device to defeat Thanos.

Your Avengers Endgame Theories

How do you think it will all go down in Avengers Endgame? Will it be R + L = J Quantum Stuff + Space Stuff = Dead Thanos? Will time travel be involved? Or will Marvel Studios do the sensible thing and just have Ant-Man fly up Thanos’ purple ass? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.