Bookmark Me at Vaping360 (Please)!

Vaping 360

As many of you know, I’ve taken an expanded role at Vaping360. The vast majority of my vaping content — articles and videos — will end up on that site. There will be an odd sprinkling of vaping articles on RPadTV every now and again, but if you want to keep up with my latest vaping content then please bookmark my Vaping360 author pageVaping360 is already a major player in the vaping world, but in the immortal words of Bachman Turner Overdrive, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.” The site has some huge plans for 2016, including the relaunch of its YouTube channel (featuring me!). As someone that writes for the site and reads lots of articles by other writers, I’m tremendously excited by the site’s evolution. So please, please, please keep up with my Vaping360 adventures.