Monster Vape Lounge Anniversary Party

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My excellent friend DJ Dirte and I will be hosting Monster Vape Lounge’s two-year anniversary party. Dirte will be spinning and we’ll both be on microphones. Expect a fun time featuring the most outstanding two-man comedy act Silver Lake and the vaping world has ever seen! More seriously though, I wanted to do something a bit different with this event. Most SoCal vape events are dominated by cloud contests and trick competitions. While those can definitely be fun, they can also exclude many of the people that attend events. I wanted to do something more inclusive and feature vape games everyone can play. With this in mind, the Monster Vape Lounge two-year anniversary party will have dry-hit challenges and vapor roulette throughout the day.

Dry-Hit Challenges: These are one-on-one contests where two vapers blow clouds at each other, up close and personal. The person that coughs first loses! Here’s a video example.

Vapor Roulette: In this parlor game, a vaper picks a tank and has to take a ten-second pull without coughing. One of the tanks will have 0mg e-liquid in it and the other will have 18mg e-liquid in it. (I’m also thinking about an 18mg cinnamon flavored e-liquid too for, you know, comedic purposes.)

The best part is that everyone that participates in these contests will win prizes!

Again, cloud contests and trick competitions are fun — big parts of what makes the SoCal vape community so interesting. I just wanted to try something different and try to include everyone in the festivities. Also, it’s fun watching people blow vapor at each other’s faces and freak out after vaping 18mg e-liquid.

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