All-New, All-Different RPadTV!

Welcome to the latest iteration of RPadTV! After taking care of some personal matters, getting rid of my old web host, and dealing with various tech issues with my new web host, the site is ready to get rolling again (I hope). The latest version of RPadTV introduces several changes and I’m confident that they’ll be changes you like (I mean that in an honest way, not a Jeff Smisek BS “changes you’ll like” way). Some of the changes are big and some of them are small. The front page is going to look a little funky until it’s populated with new content. The good news is that I have a ton of video to edit and articles to write. Expect a bunch of new content in the coming week. Now let’s go through some of the changes.

  • New, streamlined look
  • Improved performance
  • Commenting system changed from Disqus to WordPress Jetpack
  • Removed the floating social media bar in favor of social media buttons under individual posts
  • New mobile version


I hope you dig the new RPadTV layout. It would be fantastic if you could do me a favor and leave some comments on this post so that I could see how the new system works. You can talk about the new design, the whether, NBA playoff predictions, the start of the new MLB season — like Captain Planet always says, “The power is yours!”

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