It’s My Birthday, So…Buy a T-Shirt (Please!)

RPadTV Extreme

Today is my birthday…and the website is having monetization issues…so I’m busting out the begging cup. As some of you know, I was “exposed” on a recent Breitbart article by some misguided troll that believes I’m part of a secret group of videogame journalists with a left-wing agenda. As irresponsible and inaccurate as that assertion is, the troll has a lot of readers and has managed to rile them up. There have been threats of pranks, hacks, swatting, and more to people on “the list.”

A day after the article was posted, RPadTV received the most fake login attempts in the (almost) five years it has been live. My Google AdSense account was also suspended for unusual click activity; this part has me in quite a jam as website and video advertising through AdSense is hugely important to the site. I’m looking for other solutions, but none of them are as lucrative as Google AdSense…so I’m kind of stuck. (For the record, I have no way of proving the Breitbart clown and his readers are responsible for the site’s current situation, but the timing is suspicious. Also, it appears that I’m no longer on “the list.”)

While I’m figuring out what the hell I can do to monetize the site and keep the content going, it would be awesome of you to pick up one of these RPadTV t-shirts. It would be a nice stopgap solution for the site, help fund my Vapecon USA 2014 coverage, and buy me some time as I move content over to another video service. Plus, it’s my birthday and it would make me happy (yes, that was shameless begging). It would really help the site and me out, AND you’d look awesome in an RPadTV t-shirt. So please, give it some thought.

Author: RPadTV