Friends Reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel held a Friends reunion on his show, featuring Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. Kimmel’s crew did a fantastic job at recreating Monica Geller’s apartment from the hit NBC show. The host boasted that he spent $80,000 on the set (probably not). It’s a goofy bit that has Kimmel playing Friends’ Ross Geller in a sketch based on the character’s love-making prowess. Sadly for fans of Chandler and Joey, Kimmel’s version of Friends has the two other male leads dying from monkey rabies after being bitten by Marcel.

As a longtime fan of Friends, I loved this bit. Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have aged marvelously. Courtney Cox…has had some nifty plastic surgery. Seeing Monica’s apartment brought back memories and it was fun hearing the crowd reactions from the “surprise” appearances by Cox and Kudrow.

When you have a chance, check out the Friends reunion clip and let me know what you think (please!).


Author: RPadTV