Weird Al Has “First World Problems”

I skipped “Weird” Al Yankovic’s last video from Mandatory Fun, “Sports Song,” because I didn’t think it was very good. Thankfully, “First World Problems” is a lot better. Yeah, it’s not a clever as the outstanding “Word Crimes” or as flashy as “Tacky,” but I found myself cracking up from several lines in the song. “First World Problems” has several things that I’ve been guilty of — getting annoyed that I can’t fast forward through commercials because I’m watching live television, being irritated by having to brush my teeth manually because I let my electric toothbrush’s battery run out, ordering extra items from Amazon to get free shipping, etc. Check out the video when you have a chance, let me know what you think of it, and let me know if it contains any “First World Problems” that you’ve had.

Weird Al First World Problems

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4 thoughts on “Weird Al Has “First World Problems””

  1. O.K., well I’m guilty of not liking my appetizer. It looks so much better on the menu. Also, apps crashing when I load them up annoys me to no end. Of course, that typically happened when my OS was out of date (another first world problem) or you have any android device.

    My biggest first world problem is waiting for batteries to recharge, especially with my gaming headset. Not only am I limited to two and a half hours of play time (before the batteries run out) but I also use the headset to listen to movies and TV shows when the wife and kid are sleeping. It takes like an hour or more to recharge fully. In fact, the reason I’m here typing this now is because I am waiting for my headset to recharge so I can finish watching Mission Impossible 2.

    Pain in the ass!!


    1. He calls them “pastiches”. He has openly said that he did this song in the style of The Pixies.

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