Support These Musician Friends of RPadTV (Please!)

RPadholic N8R’s band has a self-titled EP out, so please, please, please check out The Gray-Test Project. As you longtime RPadTV readers know, N8R absolutely rocks and so does his band. I guarantee you’ll dig the music, especially if you pay close attention to Nate slappin’ da bass. If jazz is more your thing then you’ll love my brother’s latest album, They Come and They Go. This is my brother’s second album and I’m so proud of what he’s done. In addition to his new album, Reggie has recently been sponsored by GoPro. They loved his videos of playing the saxophone while surfing and decided to make him part of the team.

So yeah! Please check out the latest from Reggie and Nate. If you buy both albums from the Amazon links above then you’ll support all three of us. Everybody wins!!!

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2 thoughts on “Support These Musician Friends of RPadTV (Please!)”

  1. Very impressed by N8r’s EP. It seriously is pretty terrific. Exactly the kind of music I listen to at this point in my life.

    1. Thank you kindly, sir.

      Sorry for my late reply, It’s been a crazy week.

      We have more to come and all of our music is in that vein. Stay tuned.

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