Coffee Talk #615: What’s Your Dungeons and Dragons Alignment?

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Severely important questions today: Which Dungeons and Dragons alignment do you consider yourself to be and which one would you like to be? In case you need a refresher, check out the alignment chart above, the nerdy alignment charts below, and the Wikipedia page of Dungeons and Dragons alignments. Hopefully none of you RPadholics are evil (but if you are, this would be useful information for all of us to know). I’m curious to learn if you’re more neutral or good, as well as more chaotic or lawful. So give it some thought (please) and let’s have a go! As for me….

I’m probably more chaotic good than anything else. I try to be a good person in general. Occasionally I do something mildly evil, like throwing away soda cans instead of remembering to put them in the recycling bin. However, I do have a problem with authority — government, bosses, teachers, parents, etc. I’ve always had this issue. Sometimes it has served me well and other times…it wasn’t the smartest attitude to have.

What I’d like to be is neutral good. My authority issues can be immature. It would behoove me (professionally, not personally) to question authority less. I blame my constant questioning on being a philosophy major; I was trained to respond to everything with, “Why?” While this has often lead to superior and well-examined results at work, it has almost always driven my bosses crazy. “Because I said so,” isn’t a good enough reason for me, but I would to better in the workplace if I would just shut up and do my job. Ha!

In a perfect world, I’d be chaotic neutral, but I’m not cool enough or rich enough to pull that off. Damn that George Clooney and that Leonardo DiCaprio for being able to live the dream.

Now it’s your turn! Kindly use all the information in this post and let me know which Dungeons and Dragons alignment you are and which one you’d like to be.

Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Chart

Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Chart

Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Chart

Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Chart

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