Tony Allen Kicks Chris Paul in the Face

In a recent NBA game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers, there’s a play where Tony Allen kicks Chris Paul in the face. In the last month, I’ve been posting some cheap shots by the Miami Heats’ Mario Chalmers on Facebook and Google+. This roundhouse kick by Allen is so phenomenal that I had to post it on RPad.TV. Just look at it (video above, animated GIF below). It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in a basketball game.

Watch Paul drive the lane as he gives an excellent head fake. Marvel as Allen jumps and inexplicably raises his leg to…I dunno, possibly kick the ball out of Paul’s hands?!? Laugh as Allen rubs his shin as he’s speaking to the referees, hopelessly trying to generate some sympathy. Normally, this type of foul would result in a bench-clearing brawl, but it’s so wacky that the players are wondering what the hell they just saw. To be fair, part of it is that Allen is known as a tough, but fairly clean defender; his game is based on hustle and effort, and he’s not known as a cheap-shot artist (like RPadholic Iceman’s beloved Chalmers). On a side note, I love that “Tony Allen kicks Chris Paul” is currently a popular Google search term.

The Tony-Allen-kicks-Chris-Paul-in-the-face foul would have made a ton of sense if the cameras panned to the Grizzlies’ bench and showed Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese nodding in approval. That would have been cool…and logical. Since Kreese wasn’t at the game (or wasn’t seen at the game), I’m amazed that this play actually happened. I do think Allen’s ejection was justified, but I don’t think that the foul was premeditated. It was just a stupid reaction that resulted in a bad foul that looked like a cross between jazz dancing and the “hurricane kick” from Street Fighter.

Anyway, check out the clip when you have a moment and kindly give me your take on the “Tony Allen kicks Chris Paul in the face” extravaganza.

Tony Allen Kicks Chris Paul in the Face


Author: RPadTV

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  1. Aside from my “If you can get up and walk away from it; it’s legal” tirade, I have to say that from the front angle (the one that the camera gives us), it doesn’t really look like Tony’s leg really made contact with Chris’ face. It LOOKS like it could have, but you know basketball players nowadays are borderline thespians.


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