Watch Antonio Cesaro Giant-Swing The Great Khali…Twice!

Claudio Castagnoli, known as Antonio Cesaro in WWE, has been one of my favorite pro-wrestlers of the last decade. He has an incredible combination of power, technical wrestling skills, and dynamic moves. While his “Very” European uppercuts are wicked to watch, WWE fans have been marveling at Antonio Cesaro’s “giant swing” move. Check out the two clips below of Antonio Cesaro executing the maneuver on the gargantuan Great Khali. The first is from the WWE Battleground pay-per-view event on Sunday and the second is from last night’s Monday Night Raw. They’re just amazing displays of strength…and my back hurts just watching Antonio Cesaro do the move on YouTube. After you’ve checked out the clip, let me know who you’d like to see as a future victim of the Cesaro Swing. The Big Show? Mark Henry? Vickie Guerrero?

(On a side note, I love how Michael Cole accidentally called Hornswaggle by his real name, Dylan, in the second clip. Sadly, WWE edited that part out.)

Author: RPadTV