NFL Week 4: What You Learned

Since so many of you are big (American) football fans, here’s some space to talk about the latest NFL games. Whether you’re discussing your fantasy league players, the Denver Broncos’ high-octane offense, or Vince Wilfork’s torn achilles tendon, please talk it up in the comments section!

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8 thoughts on “NFL Week 4: What You Learned”

  1. Jay Cutler sucks big ones! He doesn’t deserve the big $$ contract the bears are going to give him after this season. Also, my fantasy football luck has run out.

    1. I was watching that game yesterday. It was commendable that they fought ’til the end. Many teams would have given up.

      By the way, I could have told you that about Cutler when he was playing for the Broncos.


      1. The bears never give up but Cutler was never the QB I wanted. I wanted Brees but the GM didn’t want to take a chance on him

  2. I learned that marques Colston (and Hartley and Ellerbe) will come through for you when you need them, especially against Lamar Miller’s best (fantasy) game of the season. I ended up winning a game by .07 points in order to remain undefeated.

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