Friday Housekeeping: YouTube Woes

Sorry for the sporadic content. I had this grand plan of alternating more ECC video features with written videogame/nerd content…but the recent YouTube backend update killed that plan. While I love Google’s mission to civilize the Internet (Will McAvoy ™) by moving YouTube to Google+ comments, the preparatory update has apparently ruined the ability to monetize new videos. Many people that rely on YouTube for ad revenue are pissed off. I recently made the decision to stop using Blip.TV and use YouTube exclusively. Yeah, I’m kind of regretting that one. *sigh*

Anyway, I have five ECC videos that are edited and uploaded to YouTube, but I’m not going to make them live until I can put advertisements on them. The YouTube monetization issue has been happening for at least 36 hours. In classic Google fashion, there’s nothing I can do about it. I love many things that Google does, but that company has always sucked at support. Amazingly, it has managed to go from suck to completely useless as far as YouTube Partners are concerned. I used to be able to email YouTube Partner support, but now that right is reserved for elite Partners only. As a lower-case partner, I’m stuck with automated help systems that aren’t the least bit helpful and complaining on Google’s product forums, which apparently aren’t read by Google employees that work on YouTube.

I better stop. I’m getting angrier as I type. I don’t feel like editing more features either. Meh. I’m going to go read comics.

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