NFL Week 3: What You Learned

Since so many of you are big (American) football fans, here’s some space to talk about the latest NFL games. Whether you’re discussing your fantasy league players, the case of Von Miller’s swapped-out urine, or the Jets’ continued streak of dumb luck, please talk it up in the comments section!

Author: RPadTV

8 thoughts on “NFL Week 3: What You Learned”

  1. I learned that the spirit that inhabits the Steelers has somehow switched bodies with the Pirates… kinda like in the movie Freaky Friday, Vice Versa, or Like Father Like Son.

      1. From what I gathered from reading our schedule this year… we need for the “Any Given Sunday” rule to apply for “EVERY Given Sunday”.

  2. Apparently when the Steelers are playing horribly and going up against a tough defense, you are supposed to start the WR from that team that hasn’t produced so far, and bench the quality TE on the opposing team that has put up double fantasy digits in the first two games with no signs of stopping…not the other way around…

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