Jeri Ryan vs. Paul Semel

Here’s a classic interview with Jeri Ryan conducted by RPad.TV friend Paul Semel. Many of you remember Jeri Ryan from her days on Star Trek: Voyager, where she played the lovable Borg designated Seven of Nine. Trekkers adored her for her beautifully bulging eyes and beautifully bulging…other parts that were accentuated by a skintight costume. The interview was originally done in 1998 for the now-defunct Bikini magazine. Semel has interviewed many celebrities in the past and is best known from his days with Gene Simmons’ Tongue magazine (had to be done Paul).

In the interview, Jeri Ryan discusses her infamous costume, how she almost didn’t pursue the Seven of Nine role, getting comfortable with her body, and more. Here are some out-of-context quotes:

Now I have to warn you, if we get into the sex questions I may dodge you, ’cause I have a son.

There’s a corset that goes under that thing, because you can’t wear conventional undergarments or they would show because the fabric is so skin tight.

The human body has two breasts, obviously. And you don’t want the uni-breast look. So that was one of the concerns when they were designing the costume.

Who wants to actually walk around looking like you’re wearing skin? ’Cause I’m not quite that enormously comfortable with my body. Or I wasn’t at the time. I’ve gotten substantially less self-conscious in the last year and a half, let me tell you. But yeah, you sort of look at it and go, “Kiss cheesecake goodbye, kiss hamburgers goodbye….”

I was very ambivalent about taking this role. I didn’t want to read for it originally, I had no interest in it. I didn’t know much about Star Trek, so I didn’t know what the writing was going to be like.

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