Sunday Housekeeping

Sorry I’ve been MIA! Last week was kind of nuts. I had some consulting work for a large company and that meant giving the same presentation four times to four different groups of suits. It was repetitive, but it was a paycheck. I also had a lovely out-of-town visitor from New York. It was wonderful catching up with her. Lastly, I have a bunch of assorted health issue. I have an infection on the outside of my ear that may or may not be a big deal. Between the location of the infection and the antibiotics I’m taking, equilibrium has been an issue. It’s like having one of the side effects of being drunk without the benefits of being drunk. The meds seem to be working and hopefully it’s just a simple thing that will go away soon. The other deal is that I have a growth underneath one of my fingernails. I was told that it needs to be removed and that a biopsy has to be performed to make sure it’s not cancerous. For someone that makes money playing games and typing, having hand surgery is scary in general. If it turns out that I’m dying because of finger cancer then…I’ll just have to laugh. That’s just silly. :)

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      1. Will be thinking of ya & hoping all results are positive.. (omg.. meaning in your favor, of course!!) =/ lol

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