Behind the Scenes Feature on Jobs (Ashton Kutcher)

The latest behind-the-scenes feature on the upcoming Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher has me wary of the film. Be sure to check out the clip — featuring Kutcher (Steve Jobs) and Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) — embedded below. On the plus side, Kutcher has Jobs’ awkward strut down (it’s almost like the nerd version of WWE Vince McMahon’s silly duck walk). He looks great as young Steve and looks decent as NeXT-era Steve. As for iPod-era Steve…ouchie. To me, he looked less like Steve Jobs and more like Will Ferrell playing James Lipton on Saturday Night Live. That’s not good.

Speaking of not good, I’m not digging Kutcher’s voice. While it’s true that a limited actor can only do so much to change the sound of his or her voice, cadence is something that can be mimicked. After watching several clips of the feature, it sounds like Kutcher wasn’t even trying. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from the guy from That ’70s Show, but considering his heavy involvement in the tech world and his obvious adoration for Jobs, I thought he would have tried harder.

Let’s be real though. There are many people that find Apple so fascinating that they’re going to see Jobs no matter what. (And yes, I’m one of those people.) How about you? How does the short feature on Jobs make you feel about the movie? Excited, scared, or ready to embrace Android/Windows?

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Feature on Jobs (Ashton Kutcher)”

  1. This trailer look terrible. This shouldve been like an HBO movie or something; not a theatrical release

    1. To be fair, it’s a low-budget film, but there’s a reason why its release is being fast tracked. Apparently it flopped at the major film festivals.

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