Liev Schreiber to Play Chris Benoit in Crossface?

[Update 12:40PM PDT] The latest rumor on Crossface, the Chris Benoit biopic, has Liev Schreiber playing playing the Canadian Crippler. Benoit, as most of you know, was a brilliantly talented professional-wrestler whose life ended in a grisly tragedy when he killed his wife and son before taking his own life. Schreiber is known by geeks for his role as Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while boxing fans know him as the narrator for the 24/7 series.

The story was reported by MoviePilot and should be taken with a huge grain of salt, as the site uses a mix of posts from professional writers and fans. While many web sites are using this article as the source, very few have noted that it’s a “contributor” post. The post doesn’t list anyone involved with the movie as confirming the information. It could very well turn out to be legit, but I’d wait for confirmation from the studio or a reputable journalist.

Anyway, how do you feel about Crossface? Some people are uncomfortable with the movie being made. Are you down with Sabretooth playing the the Rabid Wolverine?

[Special thanks to my friend and Bret Hart mark Joey for the tip!]


[Update 12:40PM PDT]TMZ has received word from Schreiber’s representatives that the story isn’t true. To all the hack Internet writers out there — this is why you check sources.

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11 thoughts on “Liev Schreiber to Play Chris Benoit in Crossface?”

  1. I don’t care to watch a movie that ends with a coward piece of shit killing his wife and kid.

      1. Then you need to be more specific. That’s only the most popular movie I could think of where somebody tries to kill their family.

        Being as how I know what the point you’re trying to make is anyway, I don’t think anybody is trying to glorify or even explain for the former Horsemen’s truly horrendous actions (nor do I think it’s possible). I don’t even think of it as a money grab based on a tragedy. I see it more as a call to general public awareness of what’s happening behind the curtain of pro-wrestling (and I don’t mean the Gorilla position).

        I’ll see it because I’m a mark for ANY biopic about anybody. Especially when it’s sports related.

      2. How can I be more specific when referencing this guy? My comment was in context to him and the pink elephant in the room. I mean I’m not talking about something like Amityville Horror where the guy guns down the family in their sleep.

        Anyway. Biopics are nice and all but sometimes they make me like the person a bit less or become extremely boring. Drew Brees and Steve Jobs come to mind.

      3. The quote:

        -“I don’t care to watch a movie that ends with a coward piece of shit killing his wife and kid.”-

        Doesn’t refer to one particular person. It’s open ended.

        Granted, I knew what you meant, but the quote made me think of a string of awesome horror and thriller movies with The Shining topping the list.

        The question that becomes raised, is when does entertainment hit too close to home? Where’s the line in the sand?

        As for your Amityville reference… that too is based off of a true story. It happened in New York (I think). Dude killed his whole family and blamed his haunted house. Folks thought he was just nuts… but then the very next family to move in also suffered a very similar fate. So in a way.. you ARE talking about Amityville Horror.

        So now the question is raised… If you knew nothing about Chris Benoit and were oblivious to the world of professional wrestling (a reality I truly can’t imagine for myself)… would you see this movie under the usual circumstances you would see any movie?

      4. Yep. If I didn’t know who he was or didn’t know it was something that happened, I’d watch it. However I do know and stand by comment #1.

      5. Stretching and misconstruing implicit references are the exact tactics I used to make me the RPad.TV Champion! A tiger don’t change his stripes.

        Don’t get me wrong, there is no way this biopic is gonna make me feel sorry for him no matter how they present him. The grizzly truth is exactly that.

        My point (or maybe defense as to why I want to see this), is that I see movies in a bigger package than most people and I separate them from reality and see them as an art (even when based on real events).

        I’ve watched Psycho and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre multiple times. Both are timeless amazing movies that are loosely based on Ed Gein. I’ve also listened to Dead Skin Mask by Slayer more times than I could ever count which is also about Ed Gein. I’ve also watched the biopic of Ed Gein… which as it turns out, wasn’t a very good movie. NONE of that means I condone the actions of Ed Gein. It just means I’m a fan of when people make something awesome from things that suck.

        Then again, I’ll watch a biographical documentary on pretty much anyone because I also feel that I can learn something from everybody and anybody. What I’ve learned from what I already know about the story of the Crippler, is that evil is truly unpredictable and can sneak up anywhere for reasons we’ll never see coming.

        I’m also interested to see how a filmmaker portrays other key figures in the WWE and WCW.

  2. Id rather the movie focus on his rise more than his fall. Show him doing it right then needing to do it to get his push or cuz vince pushed him.

  3. They shouldn’t make a movie about this asshole. Why don’t they make a movie about Henri Dunant instead.

    (I’m too lazy, just google it.)


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