What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’ve had some time to recover from E3 2013 and my Mom has been staying with me for the last few days. She’s headed to Orange County to visit her brother tomorrow, so that means it’s time for some unpacking (probably not) and heavy gaming (most definitely). I’d love to play something on my consoles, but I’ve yet to unpack my games. [Note to self: Don’t move the week before E3 ever again.] The good news is that my friend from Insomniac sent me a copy of Fuse and I have lots of games on my iPad. It looks like it’ll be Fuse and Civilization: Revolution for me.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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11 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. Puzzles and Dragons on my iPhone. Might buy that Dungeons and Dragons game released on Steam this week. Loved it when I was a kid.

    Last of Us review: Horrible companion AI and run of the mill gameplay overshadow an average story that has great acting. I do not know how this game has been called a masterpiece or received perfect 10 scores. If you have played Walking Dead from Telltale games then you have experienced stronger story telling and stronger game play. I think this game is propped up since it is Naughty Dog. Gaming press sucks.

  2. I’ll be playing some more Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, and probably some more Pokemon White 2. I really like Donkey Kong and it is a fun, yet challenging at times, platformer that is living up to my expectations. The only reason I wish I hadn’t gotten it right now is because the purchase came down to the game or a couple other things that I really wanted as well, and I technically have other games I should play too. The allure of a new game won out in the moment though. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with a 3DS.

  3. Just finished Uncharted 3 but may give it another run through. Saints Row 3 was free this week and it took my previous saves from the disc version I had. I might redo that story as the overweight, redheaded, russian, female I made that never wears any clothes, always naked (It’s even funnier when you watch where she pulls the guns from).

    But… I might be playing Last of Us if all goes well.

  4. I finished up Bioshock Infinite (although I may go through another speed run so that my wife can experience it), so now I have to choose between Mass Effect Trilogy or Fable III (which I got for free because XBL Gold now wants to be PSN+)

    Any suggestions? Please keep in mind that I am an achievement whore.


    1. I still have Mass Effect 2 unwrapped because I got it for $5, and I couldn’t bring myself to purchase ME1 for $20 after getting such a deal. One day I will play through that series. I’m hoping the price decreases once the Xbox 180 is released and I can pick up some good games I haven’t played yet for cheap. Remember Me is about the only other game that has appealed to me on the 360 lately, but I think it is still pretty expensive and I have other things I’d rather purchase instead.

      1. I got the Mass Effect trilogy for less than $40. That’s less than $13 per game. I’m actually worried that the DLC for ME2 & 3 will cost me more than the actual games.

        Aside from that, I’ll probably pick up “The Amazing Spider-Man” for the 360 because I have a soft spot for mediocre Spider-Man games and I need some dumb, stupid fun after Bioshock Infinite scrambled my brain five ways from Friday.


      2. I doubt I’ll get any of the dlc whenever it is that I play that series, I just will play through the main storyline. The DLC could very well cost that much though, since that type of thing rarely ever goes on sale, unfortunately.

    2. Fable 3 was no good. I think they peaked with Fable 2, which I loved.

      Mass Effect trilogy. I won’t lie, the first game in my opinion is the worst. I felt the 2nd game improved tremendously. The dialogue wheel became the sentiment wheel. I also liked the more action approach of the solider class since my Shepherd was always just a balls to the wall soldier like Big Boss. I liked part 3 and had no problem with the ending but that is because of the choices I made. Once you beat it I will tell you why a buddy of mine railed on the ending.

      If you want a challenge I’d suggest Witcher 2. Not for the gamer who shies from difficulty and boobs.

      1. You were right about Fable 3. It is no good. After giving it a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that the game is simply a juvenile action/RPG. Not only is it juvenile in its approach and tone, but also in the sense that it would only appeal to juvenile RPG players. If I were around 13 and played this game, I would probably love it. But two decades thereafter, my old, cranky, cynical self can’t stand the game’s inconsistency and sordid attempt at humor. I’m also not a big fan of the “100% evil or 100% good” choice mechanic in these games.

        Something that’s been really gnawing at the back of my head when playing this game is not only the overly overt “good” and “bad” choices going so far as to highlight the “good” choices with a sparkly glow and the “bad” ones with a devilish flame, but how the subterfuge of moral choices in a game is the sole reflection of a programmer.

        Why is redecorating my castle in black and goth considered an “evil” choice? Why is mining a lake for resources an “evil” choice? If it’s going to create jobs and improve the wealth of my citizens it should be a no-brainier. The argument against it was: “But the people have houses around the lake and won’t enjoy the beauty of nature anymore.” Are you f#*king serious? Then, there was another choice where I risked my life to go and get some stupid statue for some rich bitch and her reward was a bunch of money. Why is it evil if I accept the money versus donating it to the treasury?

        This game’s “moral” choices reeks of utopian hippie-ness that have no idea of the huge grey area that most of the world works in. Granted, some of the choices were pretty straightforward good/evil, but others were not so clear. The fact that to be 100% good, you had to make the choices that the developer thought were good just turned me off to the game.

        The ending was dull and anti-climactic (especially since they’ve been building it up for at least half the game), the combat was overpowerd as I went through the whole game without dying once (not much of a challenge), and the game suffered a lot from what Nightshade calls “cutscene dissonance” or something like that. Still, I got it for free, so who am I to complain?


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