Microsoft Outlines Xbox One Game Reselling, Sharing

In a post titled “How Games Licensing Works on Xbox One,” Microsoft has detailed its policies for game sharing, reselling, and trading. The bullet point that has been getting the most heat is the gifting policy, which states that a game can be gifted to a friend once. Here’s the full text:

Give your games to friends: Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable you to give your disc-based games to your friends. There are no fees charged as part of these transfers. There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once.

While the policy doesn’t change anything for me, I totally understand why some people are angry about the new rule (Bill Maher TM). Naturally, I want to hear your views on this policy and Microsoft’s other Xbox One licensing proclamations. Kindly shout it out in the comments section!


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8 thoughts on “Microsoft Outlines Xbox One Game Reselling, Sharing”

  1. They are very nebulous on the family portion of that. So does that mean only 1 license can run concurrently? I would think so.

    How nice of them to only let me give a game to a single friend. I’ll just stick to buying cheap games on Steam. You know…the digital games that actually go on sale.

    After Katrina (a major event I know) I didn’t have electricity for 33 days. I didn’t see the internet for over 5 months. I know you may be thinking “shouldn’t you have other things to do or worry about?”. Of course I did, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy taking a break and zoning to play a game. Not possible in Microsoft’s new future. Some people lose internet here for a week at a time due to tropical weather, so I don’t see how this machine is a good option if they are informed consumers.

  2. I can hardly see any advantage to being able to share a game if it can only happen once. Can I ever get my game back? What if I get a game but my wife wants to play in on her account too, am I no longer able to play it on my account?? That’s how it all seems, which means it is a bad sell for me. I keep wanting to hear things get better with the new Xbox, but it just isn’t happening.

    And I’m not yet convinced that I’m going to see any exclusive games that will really sway me to purchase. Well I’m off to go play some more Luigi’s Mansion 2 and maybe go pick up Donkey Kong Country Returns 2. You know what would really get me excited for a new game…Kirby. I’d love another great Kirby game like I used to play on my gameboy.

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of something for my 3DS, but Epic Yarn was a great game.

  3. Its rare when i lend games to my friends. This hurts the used market more than anything. I hardly buy used games anymore since prices have been dropping weeks after release. I’ll be ok

    1. It’s not that often that I lend games out (or see them again afterwards, which is why I don’t lend them), but it has happened a couple of times. The bigger issue for me would be a game like L4D and L4D2, because those games were played extensively on both mine and my wife’s profiles and both of our xbox’s. It seems that it is a very real possibility that this will kill the idea of having multiple xbox’s in the same household, which sounds like a horrible idea for MS.

      Finding deals on new games seems to be increasingly easier, but there are still tons of people out there who rely on this sort of thing. For instance, I know my brother has been dying to be able to buy an xbox and looking forward to when the next one comes out so he can finally get a console of his own, but with everything that keeps being revealed he won’t be able to do anything save for barely afford the console itself. And with the system not being backwards compatible and no possibility of sharing games with me, this just adds up to a worthless product.

      Not to mention the idea of needing an internet connection for the system every 24 hours and having Kinect always on. Used games market definitely has the most visible impact, but plenty of other people are going to be hurting because of this policy.

    1. It’s so fun to build a PC. Advice: Just run one big video card for gfx and a cheaper for PhysX if necessary. Dual gfx cards aren’t really necessary.

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