What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As most of you know, I’ve been spending the last few weeks playing The Moving Game, which is something you need to play every now and then, but also utter crap. Thankfully, I’m done with that…experience. Now I’m playing the slightly better Unpacking Game. To keep myself somewhat sane, I’ve shoved all the non-essential boxes into the closet of my home office/filming space. Of course there will be a lovely surprise when I discover that an important box is tucked away in the corner and I have to dig through 18 boxes in order to find it. Yeah, this game isn’t the best.

Hopefully you can regale with your exponentially more entertaining exploits (E3?). What’s on your weekend playlist?

Author: RPadTV


4 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. We signed a contract to build a house on Thursday so my weekend will now consist of making sure our current home is sparkling for the people who are coming to look at it and hopefully make me an offer.

    I will prob find time for some BLOPS 2 or LoL though.

      1. Second the congratulations. I just bought a house myself in March, and let me commend you on having the testicles to buy a house before you actually sell your current one, especially in this shit market. I know you make good money, but that isn’t easy for anyone.

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