What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My consoles are all packed up, waiting for the (three-block) journey to their new home. That means it’ll be an iOS gaming weekend for me. First up is Wizard Ops Tactics. A pal at Autodesk brought this game to my attention and I’m super happy that she did. The game is a tactical RPG with combat that’s similar to Final Fantasy Tactics (my all-time favorite) and Ogre Battle. Nerd combat on isometric grids is totally my thing. As I mentioned earlier in the week, my friend Scott Foe has a new game called Douche Defender. I’m going to give his naughtily-named creation a spin this weekend as well.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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7 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I got one of the two DLC for Dishonored, so I’m going to try that out over the weekend, mixed in with the mandatory Gears Judgment time.

    I’ve also got the Mass Effect Trilogy sitting pretty on my shelf. I’m almost afraid to start it for fear that it will consume my life (and there’s the shitty ending of ME:3 that I’ve heard so much about). I’m hoping to play Bioshock and Amazing Spider-Man before getting into the Mass Effect time suck.

    On a side note: Check this out, Mr. Padilla! Joseph Gordon Levitt (Robin!) made a movie about you!


    It’s about a guy who’s addicted to porn that falls in love with Scarlett Johanssen.


    1. Are you kidding? I’ve been tracking that movie for a long time. I’m a fan of JGL and obviously Scarlett. :p

  2. For me it’s gonna be Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on my pika 3DS, and some Mass Effect Triogy that Sandrock got me for Xmas ^^

  3. Probably some Luigi’s Mansion 2 and MK7. I’d like to get the new Donkey Kong game, but that one will probably wait a little while until I find a sale or a good deal. My wife and I were also tempted to go to the Heat/Pacers game in Indy tomorrow because tickets are so much cheaper in Indy, but I think we are still going to save our money. Regardless, I will be spending tomorrow night watching Game 3.

    1. I will also be watching game 3.

      It’s a good thing you want to save your money. Going to the game only to be disappointed would only make you feel worse.


      1. I don’t think I would be too disappointed. Besides, this would be the cheapest way for me to see a Heat playoff game so that would make it worth the cost win or lose. Actually, any Pacers/Heat game would be the cheapest way for me to actually get to see the Heat play.

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