What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Okay. My heel pain has been downgraded to heel soreness. That nasty surprise attack from food poisoning has been vanquished. I still have some remnants of a cold, but it’s not as bad as it was earlier in the week. That means it’s time to play Packing II! Yeah, moving a few weeks before E3 2013…isn’t the best, but it’s time to leave lovely Wilshire Vermont Station and the silly rent hikes. Despite my weakened condition, I’ve managed to get a lot done. Most of my games and CDs have been packed. I’m going to trade in a bunch of DVDs, simply so they won’t take up space in my new apartment. I’m going to move my consoles, coffee gear, and vaping gear myself (priorities). Packing clothes and swag is going to be this weekend’s challenge. The kitchen stuff…I’ll leave that to the movers. Doesn’t this sound like a fun game?

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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4 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I’m working my way through Dishonored. It’s a pretty fun game. Reminds me a bit of Bioshock. One thing I like about it is that there really are multiple ways to approach a situation. You can go full-on stealth or Rambo or a mix. I’ve heard a lot of games promise this concept, but Dishonored is the first game I’ve played that actually delivers on the expectation.

    When I get a break from that, I’m putting in my mandatory time for Gears Judgment.


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