Microsoft Xbox “Reveal” Event on May 21, 2013

Microsoft has sent out invites for a press event on May 21, 2013 and is flooding social media with the tag #XboxReveal. The event is months after Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal and weeks before the E3 2013 trade show.

Since all of you know what’s coming, let’s have some goofy fun with this one. I will playfully ask, “What do you think Microsoft will reveal at the #XboxReveal event?” You will kindly provide facetious answers. For example, “Obviously Microsoft is putting out a new toaster that requires an always-on Internet connection.” Let’s do this!

Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “Microsoft Xbox “Reveal” Event on May 21, 2013”

  1. It’s a police tool in order to tell if someone has been driving under the influence of alcohol or not. The suspect blows into it, and it then reads what their blood/alcohol level is.

    It’s called “The Red Ring Of Breath”.

  2. I’m thinking it will be a new software version of Windows 8 for avionics. The airline industry has been clamoring for a truly automated auto-pilot operating system so they won’t have to hire expensive, union-member pilots.


  3. O.K., in all honesty, I bet they are going to announce that they finally patched the music that you bought and downloaded from MSN Music with the “PlaysForSure” label on it will finally be able to work on the Zune.

    That would be HUGE!


  4. A 2 hour event all about the new Kinect and how it will take you five times as long to do the simplest tasks using its under powered hardware and always on connection like Siri to do basic commands. The big twist is that Microsoft is actually abandoning the controller altogether in favor of Kinect and smartglass! It will be marvelous and the must have item this year. Like all other goods for me to spend money on it will release in November along with the other 10k worth of consumer electronics and goods I’m supposed to want. Because the new Kinect can help me with online banking I will have to choose it over the new iPad, PS4, iPhone, games, computer upgrades, etc.

  5. Well of course Microsoft is finally going to make an official announcement for their new streaming device. This new console will just automatically load Netflix when turned on, leaving the option to switch to HBO Go or Hulu.

  6. These are some pretty excellent answers — immensely entertaining. It’s funny, some people thought I was actually making fun of the upcoming console with my “toaster” comment, but I was actually being literal. The world needs a toaster with an always-on Internet connection!

    1. Speaking of toasters…I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on an 1800 watt toaster a few times. Our current toaster I know is nowhere near 1800 watts and takes FOREVER to toast. I was thinking that an 1800 watt would surely do it in maybe 20 seconds. If not then why the hell is there not a consumer grade toaster that toasts in seconds instead of minutes??

      1. … which is exactly why Mr. Padilla suggested the Microsoft Windows Toaster! It will toast in seconds AND automatically update your status of what you are currently eating on your Facebook wall.


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