Random Philippines Photos II

Man, getting a molar extracted under local anesthesia is…not pleasant. The entire day after the procedure was just miserable. It’s been about 36 hours since the extraction and I’m starting to feel slightly better. The good news is that I snapped a bunch of goofy photos while I was out and about. Highlights include the classiest Spam sandwich you’ll ever see, cute mall mochi, funky chalk art, anĀ Angry Birds arcade ripoff, and people smoking cigarettes while drinking Jamba Juice.

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Author: RPadTV


2 thoughts on “Random Philippines Photos II”

    1. It depends on the country and region. In a lot of places, it’s just an inexpensive approximation of “real” meat. It’s not so much liking it as it’s what’s available and affordable. That’s actually why it’s popular in Hawaii; it was (and still is) expensive to ship quality meat to the state and the local supply is limited.

      I’m actually not sure why it’s popular in Japan, which is relatively affluent compared to other Asian countries where Spam is popular. I shall research that one day. Ha!

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