Today’s Poll: The Rock’s WWE Championship Belt

OnĀ Monday Night Raw, WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson unveiled the company’s new title belt. The new WWE Championship has removable side plates, allowing it to be personalized to reflect the champion. The Rock’s version has bulls on the side, since one of his nicknames is “The Brahma Bull.” The center piece has the modern WWE logo, with the word “Champion” on the bottom. Some pro-wrestling fans love the new belt and others hate it. What say you? Kindly take today’s poll and share your thoughts on the new WWE Championship in the comments section.

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As for me, I’m giving it a thumbs down (though I like it better than John Cena’s “spinning” belt). The WWE logo is lame and will likely be redesigned in five years. The bulls are hokey, the modern flourishes look tacky, and there’s nothing “regal” about the belt. My favorite championship belt of all time is the NWA title that Ric Flair held for years. It used a classic design, similar to boxing titles — a globe in the center and flags of different countries around the sides. Part of it was the way Flair sold the belt, often referring to it as “ten pounds of gold.” Similar to how he made his opponent’s moves seem bigger than they were, Flair made the belt seem like a glorious thing. It looked and felt special. The Rock’s belt looks like an art project made by a community college student.

Of course I’m no longer in the demographic targeted by WWE advertisers. It’s entirely possible that younger WWE fans think that the new belt is incredibly cool. And I’m sure thousands of young WWE fans will buy replicas of the belt (especially when John Cena inevitably gets the title again).

Now it’s your turn! Fire away against or in defense of The Rock’s WWE Championship belt (please).

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: The Rock’s WWE Championship Belt”

  1. I defend it only because its better than the spinning belt but I would like for it to be better and more prestigious like you pointed out ray

  2. You know something? It’s kind of a sad day in your life when you realize that you are no longer the target demographic for the thing you love.

    (*sigh*) I miss drinking 5 pouches of Capri Sun per day.


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