SIMPLcase: A Globetrotter’s iPhone 5 Cover

The SIMPLcase Kickstarter project recently caught my eye. This iPhone 5 cover holds three Nano SIMs and a SIM removal tool, making it a fantastic solution for iPhone 5 users that travel around the world and need to quickly switch Nano SIMs (or people that use other numbers to hide their dirty laundry). The back of the case has a slot that accepts a standard credit card or frequent flyer card, allowing the iPhone 5 to stand up in horizontal and vertical orientations. Best of all, at $14 the SIMPLEcase is affordable as well as functional. Check out the video below for more details.

Hopefully the product works as advertised, because the idea is fantastic. I’m surprised that this kind of case doesn’t already exist and pleased to see someone giving it a shot on Kickstarter. It looks like the perfect case for iPhone 5 owners that frequently travel internationally.

Any of you interested in backing SIMPLcase? What do you think of the product’s design?


Author: RPadTV