Red Riding Hood Fights Japanese Demons in Akaneiro

From American McGee’s Spicy Horse Studios comes¬†Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, an action-RPG that pits a dark version of Little Red Riding Hood against demons in a Japanese-inspired setting. While the game is free-to-play, the developers are looking for funding through Kickstarter. The target platforms for the game are Windows, Mac OS X, Android/iOS Tablet, and Linux. Check out the pitch video below for more information on the game and its campaign.

Akaneiro looks like it’s totally in my wheelhouse. I love action-RPGs like this and have a special place in my heart reserved for ones made by indie developers (the outstanding¬†Bastion currently occupies that particular space). The art style is slick and the tone is typical American McGee — a twisted version of a popular fairytale. Hopefully the “freemium” features won’t be obnoxious; there are several free-to-play games that are great on paper, but are absolutely killed by money-grab content.

Any of you interested in playing or backing Akaneiro?


Author: RPadTV

One thought on “Red Riding Hood Fights Japanese Demons in Akaneiro”

  1. I pulled down the beta to see how this is. It plays nice on my iMac. I’m curious to what kind of micro trans they can have in store since buying items wasn’t necessarily a high point of D3.

    The game really needs to have some form of multiplayer component.

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