John McAfee Wanted For Murder Questioning

He can save your Windows PC from viruses and malware, but he can also outrun the Belize police. I’m talking about John McAfee, of course. The former NASA programmer and current antivirus king is wanted for questioning in Belize for the murder of his neighbor. McAfee claims that he is innocent, but is avoiding the authorities because of the paranoia that many rich eccentrics suffer from he believes that he will be set up. This sounds like a Lifetime made-for-TV movie.

Oh yeah, one of the techniques McAfee used to avoid capture was straight out of the Solid Snake School For Espionage. Here’s the story from Wired:

He’d seen them coming, and says he hid — burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe. “It was extraordinarily uncomfortable,” he says, in an exclusive interview with Wired. “But they will kill me if they find me.”

But wait! It gets even weirder. According to Wired, the murder could be over McAfee’s dogs. His neighbor filed a complaint with the mayor about the dogs’ barking. McAfee claims that the Belize Coast Guard poisoned his dogs. Connecting the (wacky) dots would lead one to believe that McAfee killed his neighbor in retaliation.

It sounds too absurd to be true, but there you have it — an antivirus mogul is suspected of killing his neighbor because his dogs were poisoned. Yeah….


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