What Are You Playing This Weekend?

There are two things that I’m going to play this weekend. First up is Angry Birds Star Wars. The game combines the simplicity and charm of Angry Birds with the pure awesomeness of Star Wars. The charm is similar to the LEGO Star Wars games in that it uses sights, sounds, and nostalgia to captivate you. This is a game that anyone can play and most sci-fi geeks will love. The other thing I’m going to be playing is conk-out-on-Vicodin. I tweaked my back on Tuesday, which — in a completely unintentional Star Wars reference — has me walking around like Yoda for parts of the day. It sucks, but hopefully some rest and Vicodin will heal me soon. I miss going to the gym.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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3 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. My main Halo partner (for the past 11 years) and I finally bought Halo 4. We are planning on starting it tonight at 9:30 pm EST. Bsukenyan, Tokz; if you guys want to join us, you are more than welcome.

    I have to warn you though, my buddy is really good and we are planning on starting the game on Legendary. So if we are going to do this together, don’t forget to bring your balls.

    Aside from that, I would like to finish up L.A. Noire. There are about 10 or so achievements I have left and surprisingly, getting all the vehicles is not one of them. And then there’s my on-going, long-term, love-hate relationship with Gears 3.


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