Sexy Videogame Halloween Costumes

As I was “researching” the important matter of sexy videogame Halloween costumes, I came across This online store has a wide variety of costumes based on iconic videogame characters. Some of them are really cute, while others are so provocative that they’re borderline uncomfortable. Sexy Princess Peach is an obvious target for sexing up, but there’s something slightly wrong about making alluring costumes based on adorable videogame characters like Pikachu and Yoshi.

Due to copyright restrictions (no, these are not officially licensed products), some of these costumes have great names. The one based on Link, for example, is simply called “Green Adventurer.” Ha!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the selection of sexy videogame Halloween costumes I’ve curated for you. I spent hours on doing all this research for your viewing pleasure! When you get a chance, please let me know which costume is your favorite.

Author: RPadTV