Watch Axl Rose Butcher “Welcome to the Jungle”

Check out this live performance of Guns N’ Roses performing “Welcome to the Jungle” at a show last week at Bridge School…and prepare to weep. Axl Rose was completely awful. From greeting the crowd with a “Yee ha!” to his horrendous voice to his heart-attack mimicking mannerisms, everything about this live torture session performance was pathetic.

I remember the first time I saw the video for thisĀ Apetite for Destruction classic. I was amazed that something that raw and hard and heavy was on MTV. Axl’s now-wretched voice paired with an acoustic guitar have almost ruined the song for me. It’s so, so bad.

Slash was right to leave this bum.

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8 thoughts on “Watch Axl Rose Butcher “Welcome to the Jungle””

  1. What an embarrassment. He has no business calling himself a musician. Those other guys were putting their heart and soul into some pretty difficult acoustic music. Slash, incidentally, is now playing with a guy named Myles Kennedy, who was formerly the lead singer of the group Alter Bridge. If you havent heard what they have been up to, its very good stuff. From all indications, Slash has sobered up and is definitely making some great music.

    1. I think the fact that Slash is supposed to be dead (and could literally die at anytime) has helped that along. I don’t remember what disease it is that he has, but it’s been about 10 years I think since doctors told him he only had a few months to live. From what I’ve read before it’s a pretty serious condition and he has the potential to die from it pretty much anytime, so I’m sure that has made him much more thankful for what he does have now.

    2. I disagree. Performers and songwriters are 2 totally different animals. His performing might not be what it used to be, but he’s still a good songwriter.

      1. I hear you, and I respect your opinion, knowing that you come from a musical background, and if he wants to write music, or play piano onstage, or even do an acoustic set which might be more amenable to his lack of range, that would be fine. Guns n Roses could have been the biggest band in the world, and people are desperate to see just a taste of the old Axl. Dude doesn’t have the vocals to be a rockstar anymore, and shouldn’t be charging people to watch him perform. Peyton Manning will still be a great playcaller when he is 50, just wont want to see him try to suit up. “Yee-Haw”

  2. I’ve always felt a little bad for him and wanted to defend him a little for the stuff he does, mostly just because he’s also from Indiana. This is just a horrible rendition though, and I couldn’t even defend him for anything if I wanted to. It’s a little sad, though, how far he has fallen.

  3. Axl’s vocal style destroyed his voice years ago. For whatever reason, he just hasn’t realized that yet. I’d love to hear him produce.

    Now, the acoustics sound foreign in this song, but the bass tone sounds like refried ass. Sound guy did them wrong.

    There were some hiccups in the very beginning, but aside from those, the timing was there. Drummer was spot on.

    And there is my “something positive to say” moment for the week.

    1. Actually now that you mention it, his vocal style does make me think of the lead singer of Panic! at the disco. The big difference there of course being that the lead singer of Panic! realized what his vocal style was doing to him and changed; Axl did not.

  4. I generally dislike live performances, going to them, watching them online, and especially live albums. When it is done right, it is magical.

    This isn’t one of those magical moments, hilarious and sad? Yes.

    Oh and I absolutely hate acoustical sets. Absolutely hate them.

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