Watch Axl Rose Butcher “Welcome to the Jungle”

Check out this live performance of Guns N’ Roses performing “Welcome to the Jungle” at a show last week at Bridge School…and prepare to weep. Axl Rose was completely awful. From greeting the crowd with a “Yee ha!” to his horrendous voice to his heart-attack mimicking mannerisms, everything about this live torture session performance was pathetic.

I remember the first time I saw the video for thisĀ Apetite for Destruction classic. I was amazed that something that raw and hard and heavy was on MTV. Axl’s now-wretched voice paired with an acoustic guitar have almost ruined the song for me. It’s so, so bad.

Slash was right to leave this bum.

[Thanks to Justin Killian for the link!]

Author: RPadTV