Game of Thrones Ascent For Facebook Anyone?

The social manipulation and political intrigue of HBO’s outstanding Game of Thrones meets the social manipulation and political intrigue of Facebook in Game of Thrones Ascent by Disruptor Beam. The developers are aiming to bring the rich world of George RR Martin’s books and HBO’s television shows to a social-game environment. Gamasutra has loads of details on the game and quotes from the team. Here’s one of my favorite clips:

In our game, we’re offering a chance to step into a role and play out those alliances and social conflicts in a story and character-driven environment that is ready-made for it.

We’ve claimed that we’re actually an ‘anti-social game’, and players will be able to backstab each other to their heart’s content. A goal for his team is to deliver on letting audiences experience the primary themes of power and obligation.

As a huge fan of the books and show, I’m way psyched for this one. Insomniac Games has shown me that I can love a Facebook game every bit as much as a traditional console game. I’m hoping Disruptor Beam will captivate me in a similar way…but with dragons and wicked machinations.

Any of you interested in Game of Thrones Ascent for Facebook?


Author: RPadTV