Saturday Night Live Mocks iPhone 5, Tech Journalists

I absolutely loved the “Tech Talk” sketch on last week’s Saturday Night Live. Check out the clip below to see Christina Applegate and the SNL crew poke fun at the iPhone 5’s “problems”, tech journalists, and Chinese factory workers. While I’m sure the show is going to get some heat for its portrayal of Chinese people, it deserves an Emmy for its incredibly accurate depiction of tech journalists when they’re on camera. Everything was spot on — the dorky looks, the nerdy mannerisms, and warbled voices. It totally killed me!

Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live Mocks iPhone 5, Tech Journalists”

  1. Lol this is great. Totally makes tech journalists look like tools complaining about “flaws”.

    Whoever gives them hell about Chinese characters has no sense of humor.

    1. The complaints were fantastic. What I really loved was the hair and makeup. Even when they get dressed up for camera, many tech journos have frizzy hair, split ends, and disheveled appearances underneath nice outfits. I have many friends in San Francisco/New York like that.

  2. This post is annoying to open on my iPhone. The video clip takes over and autoplays. I need an ad blocker or click to play html5.

    Ads are getting worse in the ARM era.

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