NFL Week 5: What You Learned

Since so many of you are big (American) football fans, here’s some space to talk about the latest NFL games. Whether you’re discussing your fantasy league players, RGIII’s first concussion as a pro, or Drew Brees breaking Johnny Unitas’ longstanding record, please talk it up in the comments section!

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7 thoughts on “NFL Week 5: What You Learned”

  1. I learned that i’ll never win a football pool when GB blows a lead against the Colts. Also that every team i face in the league will be in the top 3 of scoring cuz the FF gods hate me for some reason.

    1. You OBVIOUSLY don’t have my team. If the FF gods hate you, what the hell do they think of me?


      1. Every god hates u because ur a Heat fan. You cant be Iceman yet be a fan of the Heat. :p

      2. Ha, ha! I’d rather be at the bottom of the fantasy pile every year and have the Heat win the Finals than vice-versa. I’m glad at least that the basketball gods have smiled upon us (again). Congrats on getting Rose back. I can’t wait until we go up there an humiliate him and the Bulls at home. Think of it as payback for the Jordan era.

        As far as my fantasy team goes; who would have thought that Cam Newton and Chris Johnson would be total busts this year? Those two losers alone were enough to torpedo my team, and YOU, sir swiped Alex Green away from me recently as my back-up RB (Benson) went down. It’s all good, though. I’ll have the last laugh when James Starks outperforms Green in the weeks to come.


  2. I still have a chance in the fantasy football league, if only my players continue to perform like I thought some of them would (and others way over-perform like Chicago’s defense did). 168 some points is a new record for me in this type of scoring.

  3. I had a close one with BB this weekend. I defeated him though.

    I learned that Andrew Luck is my new starter in my money league. Big Ben is riding the pine.

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