NFL Week 3: What You Learned

Since so many of you are big (American) football fans, here’s some space to talk about the latest NFL games. Whether you’re discussing your fantasy league players, Darrelle Revis’ torn ACL and its impact on the Jets season, or your frustrations with the scab referees, please talk it up in the comments section!

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11 thoughts on “NFL Week 3: What You Learned”

  1. Cam Newton is such a huge fantasy disappointment this year. Can you believe this guy went in the first and second rounds?!

    Also, Dan Carpenter is the new Ray Finkle.


      1. Barely… but even though I left over 67 points on my bench; depending if Cedric Benson scores less than 17 points tonight and your defense and RB stay at 0, it’s pretty safe to say that I had no chance, no matter who I started.


  2. This week absolutely killed me in fantasy football. I will only win one of my five match-ups. I absolutely cannot believe I’m gonna lose to someone who started willis mcgahee and shonn green as their stud running backs. My benches are all injured right now too so it’s not like I even had better alternatives right now…just waiting until people get healthy again.

      1. Goodell is running a close 2nd to whoever the NHL commish is. He is fining WRs for blocking LBs now. Those concussion lawsuits could really end the league.

    1. That was brutal. WTF is wrong with some of these referees? I really feel for Packers fans, but I have to say that I agree with Mike McCarthy when he said that he should have not let the game get down to that one play.

      Face it, (replacement refs or no) bad calls in games are a part of life and everyone gets good calls and bad calls every now and then that either work for or against them. Baseball is a good example of this. Even with NFL’s replay ability, you depend on the refs to interpret the rules (or whatever). The point is that if you really want to win, you need to win decisively and not by the skin of your teeth. If the game is so close that it can be decided by a bad (or good) call, then you really didn’t deserve to win in the first place.

      Had the Packers scored just one more lousy field goal (or even converted their two-point) conversion, none of this would have even happened. But it didn’t. They ran out of gas a the end and put the destiny of that game straight into Seattle’s hands (and subsequently the refs). That’s not a position I would want to put my team in because anything can happen… and it did.


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