iNiS and Square Enix Team Up For Demons’ Score

Flying teddy bears, distressed damsels with machine guns, and demonic inhabitants of an asylum — all of that and more is going on in Demons’ Score. This on-rail shooter is being publishing by Square Enix for Android and iOS. It’s being developed by iNiS, the company behind the outstanding Ouendon and the excellent Elite Beat AgentsDemons’ Score combines gameplay from iNiS’ music-rhythm games, a survival-horror feel, and music by several renowned Japanese videogame-music composers (Naoshi Mizuta, Keiichi Okabe, and Yoko Shimomura). Check out the intro movie and tutorial below.

As a big fan of iNiS, flying teddy bears, and cute girls with machine guns, I’m really looking forward to Demons’ Score. Any of you interested in this game?

Author: RPadTV