Mercia: PlayStation Home’s Free-to-Play RPG

Mercia: Fractured Realms launches tomorrow on PlayStation Home. This free-to-play RPG takes your PlayStation Home avatar and puts it in a lovely sword-and-sorcery setting. Players can choose from ranger, fighter, and defender classes. Beating up baddies and hoarding treasure can be done alone or with friends. Naturally, there’s spell casting, weapon crafting, and armor customization to enjoy. Given the popularity of Home (yes, I know that most of you aren’t fans), Mercia has a ton of potential. It could be a WoW-ish hit and I can see Sony making a killing with premium options.

Of course I want to get your take on Mercia: Fractured Realms. Is it something you’d play? Do you think it will do well with the PlayStation Home crowd? Does the name make any of you think of this stupid song? Most importantly, are down for an RPad.TV Invitational adventure with Mercia?

Author: RPadTV