This Week’s Videogame Releases

Are you ready for some football?!? Madden NFL 13 comes out this week, which is always a huge deal in North America. If you’d rather fight it out in the unfriendly skies then Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII might be your game. It’s a particularly sweet week for PlayStation 3 owners, with God of War SagainFamous Collection, and Journey: Collector’s Edition to choose from.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

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3 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. Man there have been some bad releases lately. To whomever disliked (thumbed down) my Dyad post about it being really really poorly done and boring to play, it looks as though I was correct and everyone else thinks so also (3.43/5 on PSN by users…. that’s bad).
    Darksiders 2 wasn’t exactly bad, but by no means did I think it was very good. Granted I didn’t care for the first one. Seems odd to me that he can only climb in certain places….being super powerful and all. I like the possessed weapon upgrade system, you feed it all of the other items you would normally sell and this makes it stronger. The rest of the upgrades didn’t appeal to me at all but I didn’t get far enough in to unlock many of them.
    Sleeping Dogs was the same. Not really bad, but still pretty sucky. The story…..well honestly I have no clue because much of it wasn’t in English and I didn’t care to read subtitles and try to watch cut-scenes. But I can tell you there are LOTS of cut-scenes, thankfully I can skip them. The game feels like GTA4 except you don’t get any guns. I played for 6 hours and got a pistol once out of a box. fired 1 shot at bad guys that were shooting me and 10 cops came and gunned me down from behind. Guns disappear when you die and I never saw one again. The fighting is craptacular too and you do this 90% of he game. You are going to die and die a lot. I had to beat up 14 thugs at once (luckily it had a counter on the side of the screen)….I died. The driving is VERY fun though. The sport bikes give you a real sense of speed and there are plenty of jumps and long stretches of road to fly down. The upgrade system is pretty damn sparse and hardly worth even having in the game. Though once you fully upgrade your cop level you get a trunk key to get guns from police cars.

    As for this weeks releases I’d like to get the GoW stuff for the PSP titles I missed. As for inFAMOUS I would have bought it but I just picked up inFAMOUS 2, but I’d still like to play Festival of Blood.
    Madden and any WWII flying games are out for me because I don’t like either genre.
    Now the Journey Collection. Hell NO…hell to the NO. I still want my damn money back on Journey and well Flower also, glad I never bought fLOW. They are the reason people think PSN games suck so badly.

  2. I’m not picking up any more games until Borderlands 2 comes out in September, unless I decide to get Guild Wars 2 before then. After that, I’ll wait a bit for ACIII: Liberation to hit the market.

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