Today’s Poll: The Incredible Hulk vs. Taxi

It’s time for a sad poll! Today it’s a battle of morose television theme songs. In the red corner is “The Lonely Man” fromĀ The Incredible Hulk. Most episodes of the show ended with David “Bruce” Banner walking off into the sunset to this sad song. In the blue corner is “Angela” fromĀ Taxi. This star-studded sitcom opened and closed with this excellent song by Bob James. It has a special place in my heart because it made one of college roommates sad (hi Steve!). As a prank, I would blast the song, take off, and leave Steve with his sorrows.

Kindly give both tracks a listen, vote in the poll below, and explain your choice in the comments section!

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: The Incredible Hulk vs. Taxi”

  1. How is this even in contention? The Taxi theme was, in aggregate, *employed* life in the big bad city of the late 70s. Tough but survivable. Gritty but you had 7000000 other people for company. It was a shared experience.

    Lonely Man was alone. Not only was every chance encounter an opportunity for danger, it was a mortal danger you were partly responsible for, and had little control over, caused by just your very existence and was inflicted on random strangers.

  2. I have to go with the Lonely Man, it use to always make me kind of sad when I watched David Banner walk of into the sunset alone, whereas Taxi always made me laugh so did not find their theme song so sad…

  3. I'm gonna go with Lonely Man, even though I can only get the image of Stewie Griffin walking on the side of the road when I hear the song, which makes me laugh instead of cry.

  4. Ray were you consuming abundant adult beverages when this competition came upon you?

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