Today’s Poll: Where Do You Put Your Mobile Phone?

Inspired by a comment from RPadholic RROD, I’m curious to learn where you put your mobile phone. Are you left pocket? Right pocket? Perhaps you live life dangerously and opt for the back pocket? Ladies and metrosexuals have the options of using a purse or a man purse, respectively. Kindly vote in today’s poll and let me know!

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15 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Where Do You Put Your Mobile Phone?”

  1. Keys in my right pocket and phone in the left. Being right handed I keep my most valuable items on the right side I guess. Wallet and keys.

    No clue if my rationale is correct.

    1. I'm lefty and keep my phone in my left and keys in my right. Perhaps my priorities are different because my phone is more valuable to me than my keys.

      1. My house and truck > iPhone lolSent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

      2. I'd rather deal with AT&T than a dealership getting a key cut any day of the week.Sent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

  2. I used to keep my phone in my left pocket and my wallet in my right pocket, but as the phones got slimmer, I moved the phone to my back pocket and my left pocket is now keys and miscellaneous stuff. If I’m wearing shorts, then they go in the front-left cargo pocket.


    Nice picture, by the way. Too bad it's photoshopped.

      1. Yes, back pocket. My wallet is too bulky to have my phone in my right pocket and my left has keys that scratch up the phone. I can't move my wallet to my back pocket because of the afore-mentioned bulk and I also can't sit on my keys because I don't like pain. The slim profile of the phone makes it the most logical choice to put in the back. Besides, it's mostly at a 45-degree angle as I usually slouch, so that I'm never really sitting on top of the thing.


      2. Yeah I shift way too much when sitting for that to work. Normally at work my phone is inside of my jacket on the left side.

  3. I also answered left pocket for my phone, as my keys go in my right pocket. What would be interesting is to compare this to people in other countries. My theory is that in America, despite whether you are a lefty or a righty, people more often put their keys in their right pocket because that is where the ignition in their car is. According to this theory then, people in countries who have the driver's seat of the car on the opposite side would mostly keep their keys in the left pocket.

    Whether this holds true or not I don't really know, but I know that is why I originally kept my keys in my right pocket. Regardless of which hand is dominant it is an easier motion to take keys straight from my right pocket to the ignition without crossing my arm over my body and awkwardly getting my keys. Since I didn't get a phone until college I wasn't going to switch everything up then, therefore my phone was delegated to my left pocket. In essence, it is there by default of accessibility.

    1. Interesting theory! I shall take an informal poll next time in a country that drives on the wrong side of the road. I'm curious to see what my friends in those countries do.

    2. I defy this theory. Probably because I already have my keys in my hand when I open the car door (remote entry on the key), so I never have to reach into my pockets for anything while I'm sitting down in the seat.


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