Today’s Poll: Padawan Braid or No Padawan Braid?

It’s time for a haircut. I’m super tempted to get a padawan braid, simply because it would be silly. Should I do it? That’s where you come in! To paraphrase Captain Planet, “The power (over my hair) is yours!!!” Please vote in today’s poll. If you have extra time, make a case for or against a padawan braid in the comments section.

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Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Padawan Braid or No Padawan Braid?”

  1. Did you really just ask a bunch of geeks if you should do something Star Wars-y? Of course there's going to be an overwhelming "yes" response to this poll.

  2. I said no because I'm your friend and I actually care if you ever get laid again outside of Comic Con.

  3. I voted no but if u decide to dress in jedi robes and carry a lightsaber i will vote yes.

  4. Ray grow it. If a woman still hops in the sack with you with the braid…buy a ring

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