Read My Minecraft XBLA Review (Please!)

I totally forgot to post this link before E3 2012. Oops. If you have time, please check out my Minecraft (XBLA) review for The game can be a blast if you’re into Minecraft’s particular type of wash-rinse-repeat gameplay. It’s truly one of those “you get what you put into it” games. Now here’s the part where I quote myself (several years later, it’s still funny to me):

Although it lacks some of the features and complexity of the PC version, the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft stands up on its own. The addictive core gameplay of hunting, gathering, and building is intact, with streamlined crafting and multiplayer that make the console version unique. It’s definitely not a game for people with short attention spans or addictions to hyper-violence. If you have the patience and enjoying creating more than destroying then Minecraft is one of the most gratifying downloadable games you can buy for Xbox 360.

So yeah! Please check out the review and leave a comment if you have the time.

A few weeks ago on Google+ Messenger, I asked a few of you if you had any interest in building an RPad.TV Minecraft world. You still down?


Author: RPadTV